Bygone Sash Windows – Our Timber Alternative

The Bygone Collection sash windows blend timeless traditional aesthetics with modern UPVC advantages, offering the classic charm of timber alongside durability and low maintenance. The meticulous attention to detail sets this collection apart, endorsed in conservation areas where preserving traditional aesthetics is crucial.

When discussing Bygone sash windows, our emphasis is on understanding our clients’ priorities, whether it involves matching existing frames or achieving a specific look when transitioning to sash windows. Bygone offers a seamless process with numerous aesthetic options to make customization easy and tailored to your preferences.


The Symphony Sash Window stands as the ultimate choice, featuring a comprehensive array of timber aesthetics for maximum authenticity. Now, with the addition of FINEO Vacuum glass, this sash window boasts an impressive 1.2 U-value for optimal energy efficiency while providing the appearance of traditional single glazing.


The Harmony Sash Window is a beloved choice, granting clients the flexibility to customize timber aesthetics according to their preferences or property style. Whether opting for the full timber experience or tailoring it to complement their property, this window comes complete with 24mm A-rated units, ensuring no compromises on quality or energy efficiency.


The Melody window, complemented by the same frame and sash designs found on the Harmony and Symphony range, carries an “A-rated” energy efficiency and shares the exclusive Bygone 12-year guarantee. Ideal for clients who appreciate quality but have a restricted budget, Melody offers outstanding value with its meticulous attention to detail.

Bygone’s Key Qualities

Deep Cill

Bygone’s deep GRP cill, replicating the authentic appearance of a 3″ timber, is ideal for Conservation Areas. The 55 mm cill is exceptionally robust, being 16.8 times stronger than a regular cill.

Deep Bottom Rail

The design of the deep bottom rail draws inspiration from traditional timber sashes, where its substantial thickness was essential to bear additional weight.

Continuous Sash Horns

The sash horns are intricately sculpted directly from the sash material, hence they are known as continuous or run-through.

Bars and Georgi-Clips

Authentic  astragal bars, securely bonded and interlocked, with an external “putty-lined” finish . Interlocking joints and Georgi-clips ensure each bar is continuous, spanning the full sash length. Bars are discreetly notched, allowing interlocking, clamping, and bonding to the glass surface.

Cam Locks & Handles

Bygone’s cam catches feature a Beehive or Acorn motif paired with corresponding tilt knobs. Each keep equipped with a nylon insert for claw protection. Secured by four screws and two concealed pins, the cam catches endure rigorous testing, ensuring unwavering stability.


Timberweld® joints replicate the look of traditional timber joints, employing mechanical methods for durability and authenticity. These joints play a significant role in shaping both the structural integrity and visual appeal of the window.


Putty Line Sashes

The ‘putty-line’ detail is meticulously integrated into every Masterframe window, honouring the authenticity of traditional craftsmanship. Conversely, the internal elements showcase Ovolo-shaped beads.

Tilt to Clean Sashes

A convenient tilt mechanism for easy cleaning. Unlike standard plastic options, the windows feature robust “sash secure” ™ steel-reinforced finger latches that centralize sashes within the frame, enhancing strength and security while eliminating fiddliness.

Slim 99mm Mullion

Measuring only 99mm across the front face, the slim mullion significantly reduces sight-line thickness. This results in a sleek appearance for double or triple-sash windows, enhancing the period aesthetics of your home.