Skypods and Lanterns

To complement your rubber roof or to make the added statement to your orangary, lanterns and skylights are superb at increasing the light into your home whilst adding a stunning ‘wow’ factor.

Less is definitely more
No clunky bars or supports cluttering the ridge. No thick, chunky profiles dominating the glazing. Super strong, light, 40mm aluminium frame rafters create slim, elegant roof profiles with excellent thermal performance. Compared to conventional roofs sold by competitors, Atlas slashes the visible width and sight lines of rafters by 30% and the main internal feature ridge by 70%.

Unrivalled strength
Extra strong rafters mean the tie bars can be set higher, guaranteeing excellent headroom and no intrusion into the living area. Even in large buildings the roof structure remains remarkably minimal, creating a sense of clear, free space under the eaves.

Increased roof strength means the design aesthetics and clear sight lines achievable using the slim Atlas profiles remains unmatched by any other manufacturer, creating a roof that can suit any dwelling.

Our Skylights and Lanterns have the ability to withstand 33% greater ‘live loads’ such as snow or wind than other roofs. Beautiful Homes UK larger span roofs are reinforced internally meaning no unsightly ‘bolster bars’. There is also peace of mind with the investment in a roof you can admire for many years with the manufacturers 10 year guarantee.

With thermal insulation performance that’s twice as good as the competition, you can enjoy, comfortable, year-round room use, reduced risk of condensation as well as lower heating and air conditioning bills.